My Goals for December 2016

My Goals for December

Hi Friends!

There is only one month left in this year! I am already busy planning my goals and dreaming up next year. Every December something comes over me. It’s as though I realize a new page is about to be turned and I get a renewed sense of urgency – it’s time to get busy preparing for the clean slate every new year seems to provide. I will share all my goals for the New Year when it’s actually 2017. However, I decided to set some goals for this month – to tie up the loose ends of 2016 and mentally prepare myself for yet another year!

My Goals for December 2016

Finish my Reading Goal  |  I set a LOT of goals (too many!) last January. Some of them I forgot about, others I let go, and for many others – I procrastinated. Yet this is one goal I am absolutely bound and determined to see through to the end. Books and reading are a big part of my life so, once again, I set a goal to read 100 new books this year. They haven’t all been new books (I re-read about 10 books) but I am at 83 books right now. December will be a busy month, but I am looking forward to curling up by the lights of the Christmas tree to read my way to 100 books!

Re-Organize my Room | My bedroom is pretty organized – except for those hidden areas where no eyes can see: underneath my bed, my junk drawer, and my two closets. Before the New Year I want to clean up and re-organize these areas of my bedroom.

Finish Setting my Goals for 2017 | I’ve already chosen my one word for next year.  Now I am excited to finish my list of goals.  I am going to do things a lot different next year… I want to have less goals and more focus. Things change throughout the year and I realize some goals may need to change with me – something I wish I had thought about at the beginning of this year!

Get Adjusted to My New Planner | I made myself a planner the other week. Not only is it fully personalized, it can be used any time of the year. It can grow and change with me because it’s super flexible and can be customized to however it fits me best. There are a few things I want to add/change and this month I want to get adjusted to using it.

Finish Christmas Shopping/Wrapping | I hope to have this finished sooner rather than later. I do at least half of my shopping online (thanks, Amazon!) but I have a bunch of stores I still need to visit. I got the ball rolling last week so I should be finished soon!

Give Christmas Cookies to the Neighbors |  A friend of mine wants to get together for cookie baking so I plan to share the results with my neighbors. If I don’t share the cookies I will end up eating way too many myself! 😉 Plus, it’s always fun delivering something to elderly or lonely neighbors – it really makes their day!

Write up a Monthly Budget | I know how to save money – but actually budgeting and setting aside money for specific things (clothing, blog expenses, car insurance, etc) I still have not done successfully. One of my goals for this month is to write up a budget to follow each month next year (and this month too!).

Make it Through the Holidays Without Gaining Weight | Enough said. 🙂

How About You?

  • What do you hope to accomplish this month?
  • Are you getting excited for the New Year?

Please share your goals and thoughts in the comments! ♥

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