Summer Goals, Thoughts, and Plans

Summer Goals, Thoughts, and Plans!

Summer is almost here!  In my mind, Summer begins on June 1st even if the calendar says something else. 😉 I love summer… the warm weather, flipflops, thunderstorms, Independence Day, the smell of freshly cut grass (yes, I love that smell!), and so many good memories.

To me, summer is always the best time to read books, grow as a person, and spend time making great memories.  My goals have changed a lot since the beginning of this year – but I know it’s for the best.

Here are some of my goals for this summer…

Summer Goals 2016

Read 6 Books

Just writing that makes me cringe.  Each summer I usually read a ton of books.  However my summer plans have totally changed and I know that I will have very little time for reading. I haven’t decided which books I will read yet…  so many books and so little time! 🙂

Learn Something New

This summer, I hope to learn how to do something new… whether it’s something simple like a new cooking skill, or something completely out of my comfort zone.

Learn More About Prayer

Pray is my one word for 2016.  This summer I want to continue learning more about prayer and most of all I want to spend more time praying.  I hope to spend more time in prayer alone and also with others.

Meet New People and Make New Friends

Thankfully, this should be an easy one this summer. I’m excited for opportunities to meet new people and hopefully develop some closer friendships as well.

Grow Spiritually

Most of all… this summer I want to grow spiritually. I want my walk with God to be strengthened and I want to take my relationship with God and my knowledge of His Word to a new level.

Summer Plans

As I already said, my summer is going to be totally different this year.  Because of my schedule I will most likely only be able to answer your comments and emails on the weekends -and if you don’t hear back from me, I will respond to all emails in August.  My blogging schedule will now be changing from one post every Tuesday to one post every other Tuesday.  

I am beyond excited for this summer to begin… I hope you are looking forward to your summer as well! 🙂

I Would Love to Know

  • What are you plans and goals for this Summer?